Johnson's Corner is famous for more than just cinnamon rolls. The iconic Johnstown truck stop has also made it onto the big screen.

According to its website, Johnson's Corner served as a filming location for the 1995 flick Larger Than Life, a family comedy about a motivational speaker who receives a, uh, unique inheritance from his late father.

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The movie's stars, Bill Murray and Matthew McConaughey, "are only a few of the many celebrities to grace the booths of Johnson's Corner over the years."

Johnson's Corner even made it onto the film's IMDb page. Watch its Hollywood moment below:

You're not likely to see an elephant at Johnson's Corner again. However, the next time you stop by for a cinnamon roll, know that you're where some of the world's biggest movie stars once stood.

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Johnson's Corner isn't the only famous one in Colorado. There's also a Johnson's Corner in Longmont — it's no longer in its original location, but it has its own celebrity connection.

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The Times-Call reports that the author Jack Kerouac once slept on the gas station's front lawn and had a milkshake there. He wrote about the experience in On the Road, his 1957 novel based on his adventures across the United States.

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