I still remember the first time I watched Ace Ventura:  Pet Detective.  Probably the hardest I had ever laughed.  If it wasn't that, it was seeing Jim Carrey in In Living Colour.  Pick the skit.  They were all gold.

To this day, I still get laughs doing my "ALLLL-righty then."  But probably not now, because it's planned, and I hate recording myself.  Why am I doing this?

Never again  Promise.

Anyway... In case you missed it, Jim was on Late Night telling Jimmy Fallon about smoking weed with Richard Pryor - among other things:

I've come to believe that Carrey isn't just one of the funniest guys ever, but overall just an extremely positive presence in our world.  A friend of mine who is from L.A. told me she was having a really rough time in her life once, and she walked into Universal Studios, and he was there.  She said all her sadness just immediately evaporated like it was never there.  And she's still not sure whether Jim even noticed she was in the room.  It didn't matter!

In the spirit of graduation season, how about the epic speech he gave a few years back:

Here's the full version of that.

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