A friend of mine made the mistake of bringing weed on a plane once.  While he didn't get caught, he said it was such an intensely paranoid trip that the smoke barely overcame it even after he landed without incident.

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This story refers to the "What Can I Bring?" website from the TSA, having mentioned you CAN bring medical marijuana on a plane, but only for a short time yesterday.  But, when I look at the site even now, it still says YES, although they make it clear you don't want to get caught with it.  So once again, the lines are blurred on the pot thing.  And, as always, it's probably best to just use some common sense.

To make the matter clearer:  D.I.A. has personally confirmed that it has NEVER been okay to bring your smoke, nor is it now.  But... the site, though!

By the way, the whole debate on whether a business should be able to test you for pot when it's legal in Colorado - Are we past that yet?  Seriously, if people saved their pleasure for after business, such tests probably wouldn't even exist.  This is more for the folks who can't leave the house in the morning without being completely blitzed.  So pee tests are a big pain for almost everyone.  But it's "their" company, and until it's IL-legal to pull a wiz quiz, it's their choice to do so regardless of the freedom Colorado law gives us.  Not tryin' to be a buzzkill here.  Just sayin' - I like to save my energy to debate things that are debatable, and this is not.

So, apparently, there are times you can bring weed on a plane.  But don't get caught with it here, nor the place you're flying to, in most circumstances!  Let's hope this changes one day, where it's legal everywhere, but with the common sense restrictions of:

  • Not showing up to work wreaking like it, nor being too torn up to perform your job.
  • Not blowing it in people's faces in public.
  • Being a certain age before you can buy and consume it legally.
  • And generally not pushing your ways onto others.  Most stoners want their freedom - so I hope we'll make sure we're not infringing upon that of others.


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