Or Ubering, Lyfting or riding a bus. The Thirty Seconds to Mars singer is traveling across America, starting in NYC on Monday, April 2, and ending in LA by Friday for the release of the band's new album, 'America.'

According to Billboard, Leto said he will get to LA by April 6 for the album's release by pretty much any means.

Billboard reported that Leto will 'visit destinations that showcase the subject behind the band's new album. In addition, Leto will hand out genetic testing kits from 23andMe to fans along the route, encouraging fans to discover more about their heritage.' (Source: Billboard)

'I'm gonna be hitchhiking, I'm gonna be running... maybe hot air ballooning,' he said in a video on his Twitter. Watch it here (strong language).

So, if Jordan Catalano doesn't get murdered while hitchhiking through the Midwest, maybe we'll see him here. Would you pick him up? We would. #MarsAcrossAmerica

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