Several years back when I worked at another radio station, the (then) engineer was cleaning out his storage room, and discovered a Technics turntable like this one, still in the box, postmarked to that radio station from 1985.

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He had remembered me talking about how I wanted to get a turntable.  And he told me to pull up to the back door at 5 o'clock & don't tell anyone!  Well, I still have yet to reveal enough information about that to incriminate anyone.  Let's just say that sweet machine seldom goes a week without taking some spins.

Records are a thing.  Jack White’s Third Man Records has announced that its brand new vinyl pressing facility will open in Detroit on February 27th, and why not, after the 2015 opening of a Third Man record store. The state-of-the-art Third Man Pressing features eight brand new presses -- the first newly built machines in 35 years -- and a recycled water air conditioning system. A press release estimated that the plant can produce 5,000 records every eight hour shift at a speed of about 45 seconds per-record. The plant will press not just Third Man releases but also products from other labels.

So what's your favorite medium for music?  I'd have to say (non sucky) radio, then yes, vinyl.

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