Contrary to popular belief, sometimes things can just be black and white. Take for example a long-awaited crossing of the paths that occurred at a London airport when The Raconteurs' Jack White and Tenacious D's Jack Black finally met. As you might expect, fans went a little nuts over the "black and white" of it all after social media proof surfaced.

The meeting occurred at London's Heathrow Airport, with the Raconteurs initially posting a pair of shots that almost united the pair. The first showed The Raconteurs' Jack Lawrence and Brendon Benson posing for a photo with Tenacious D's Jack Black, while The Raconteurs' Jack White talked shop with Tenacious D's Kyle Gass in the second shot .... So close! As you might expect, many of the commenters on the post pointed out the Black-White missed opportunity.

Luckily, Tenacious D also snapped a shot of their own which finally brought Black and White together in the same photo. "We hired a new merch guy," stated the comedy rockers, who posed while White was holding up one of the D's t-shirts.

But alas, there is no musical collaboration of the Jacks ... at least that we know of. After a lengthy hiatus The Raconteurs are building toward the release of their Help Us Stranger album on June 21. They'll kick off a North American tour leg in early July. Meanwhile, Tenacious D released their Post-Apocalypto album and film last year. They'll remain in Europe for a few more dates, before returning stateside for shows in July. See their stops here.

Rock-Star Lookalikes

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