Like any large city, Denver, Colorado has seen a lot of changes since its modest roots as a mining community.

The Mile High City was like any other settlement in the United States back in the mid-1800s, and a lot had to happen in order for it to grow into the massive metropolis we know today.

While the entire history of Denver's evolution would be a seemingly endless saga, if you keep scrolling you'll be able to check out an abbreviated timeline of the capital city of our great state of Colorado.

The Evolution of Denver Colorado

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As mentioned above, the area which we now know as Denver, Colorado began as many cities in the western United States did and that was with mining. To be more specific, the Pikes Peak Gold Rush was responsible for the majority of Denver's earliest settlers.

The Mile High City saw expansion in the early days due to the implementation of travel methods such as railroads, highways, and eventually airports.

While the city grew at a pretty consistent rate over the years, there were some hindrances such as The Great Depression and The Dust Bowl, but Colorado recovered from all of its struggles as a whole and Denver continued to flourish.

Over the course of the slides below we'll take a look at major events that contributed to the growth of Denver, Colorado as a city, as well as those that hindered growth and, as a whole, created the ebb and flow of population in Denver from its infancy to today.

The Evolution of Denver from Pioneer Settlement to Metropolis

The Mile High City has gone through a lot of changes between its modest roots as a pioneer settlement and the sprawling metropolis that we know it to be today.

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