Want to get away? Looking for a little peace and quiet in the Centennial State? Lucky for us we live in a state that is never far away from a small town. Escape to the mountains or any corner of Colorado that is home to one of our state's smallest towns.

Although some of Colorado's smallest towns might seem like abandoned places, there are no ghost towns on this list. If you visit any of the smallest towns in the photo gallery below, you will find Coloradans living there. Even though it may not seem like it at a glance.

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How Many Tiny Towns Are in Colorado?

According to Wikipedia, The state of Colorado is home to 100 towns with less than 100 residents. Scroll through the gallery below to learn more about each town's location, and to see which one has the smallest number of people living there.

Mesa County's Smallest Town

Just how large is Mesa County? It covers over 3,300 square miles. In all that space, the tiniest statutory town in Mesa County is Collbran, Colorado. Collbran is home to about 370 residents. Compared to Colorado's smallest town, Collbran seems like a big city.

Colorado's Smallest Town

If you want to get really nerdy, pay attention to the totals after the next census comes out. Some of these tiny towns leapfrog each other, and next census we may have a new 'smallest town' to talk about.

It may seem hard to believe but Colorado's smallest town is technically part of the Denver Suburbs. Did you know that Lakeside, Colorado is home to Lake Rhoda, the Lakeside Amusement Park, and about 10 to 15 residents? There isn't much room for anyone else

Scroll on to check out ten of the smallest towns in the Centennial State.

The 10 Smallest Towns in the State of Colorado

Don't blink, or you'll drive right past them. Some of Colorado's smallest towns are home to less than 50 people. If you're looking to escape for some peace and quiet, these are the places you'll want to visit in the Centennial State.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

MORE: The 25 Smallest Towns in Colorado Have Shockingly Low Populations

Which towns are the smallest in Colorado? Several towns scattered throughout the state are made up of only a few hundred people or less. Let's take a look at who gets the title of Smallest Town in Colorado.

SIZE IT UP: All 64 Colorado Counties Ranked By Size Smallest to Largest

We're ranking Colorado counties by land area to determine the largest to smallest of all 64 counties in the state. Find out about the land area of each county and how many people live there by scrolling through the photo gallery below to find out which ones are really the biggest.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams

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