After nearly two years in business, a small Italian restaurant that was take-out and delivery only, is having to shut down. They had a large and loyal following, and will be missed by their fans.

It's brave to start up your own restaurant; you don't know if people are going to find you, or keep coming back once they do. The hours are long, and it's a lot of work; but if you really enjoy what you're dong, it's worth it all. Now, this little place is having to put it all aside.

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Mama Pistilli's in Loveland had been open for just over a year when I finally discovered them. The women owner-operators of the restaurant operated out of commissary kitchen on the east side of town, off of 1st Street and Madison Avenue. They started the business in August of 2021.

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Mama Pistilli's House of Meatballs did have great meatballs, but they had a full menu of options as well. Dishes included chicken parmigiana. antipasto salad, and cannoli. Though unconventional, as restaurants go (with no dine-in seating,) the food was greet, and kept customers coming back for more.

I had the pasta marinara and it was absolutely incredible!! Best Italian food I’ve ever had

This. Place. Is. Incredible. I stopped to try it after a friend’s recommendation and I wasn’t sorry. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!

Mama Pistilli's announced on Sunday, May 21, 2023, that they'd be closing down after May 25, 2023. due to health issues.

With immense sadness, we announce that this will be our last week serving meatballs. We're not sure when we will return. We are open this week from 3-9. Our last day will be Thursday. Dee's health needs some priority right now, and we've been struggling to stay afloat in this ever-changing economy. We've loved calling Loveland our home and hope to be back open soon!

With luck, Mama Pistilli's will return; in the meantime, Loveland will be missing them.

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