There is a special operation happening in Fort Collins, Colorado. An operation to keep 23 million unhealthy bacteria off streets and out of local parks, natural areas, streams, rivers, and lakes.

In the Army, "Special Operations Soldiers complete more training and special courses, which means they receive promotions and climb in rank and pay faster than regular Soldiers," according to the U.S. Army website.

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The special operation happening in Fort Collins is being led by the "Brown Ops," and they have a "Call of Doodie." This is the newest dog waste cleanup campaign from the City of Fort Collins.

Fort Collins' Dog Waste Cleanup Campaign

This campaign is using a little humor to bring awareness to just how disgusting and unhealthy dog poop can be and why it is so important to dispose of it correctly.

Did you know scientists estimate that pet waste may be responsible for up to 30 percent of the harmful bacteria in our urban waterways? You can read many facts that will encourage you to pick up after your doggie on the City of Fort Collins "Pet Waste" page.


These cute little posters are appearing around town above pest waste bag stations, a.k.a. free dog poop bags.

This is how bad dog poop is in Fort Collins

The City of Fort Collins says, "More than 60% of your friends and neighbors" pick up after their dogs.

Come on, dog owners, that's only a little over half.

They also estimate that in Fort Collins, each year, 10 million pounds of dog poop is generated. Imagine 40% ending up in our water.

Recently I heard a story about a neighbor putting up posters of a woman who regularly walked her dog and pretended to pick up the poop, but in fact, did not. The woman actually bent over but didn't actually pick it up. What? This is just part of owning a dog.

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