It's that special time of the year in Colorado when the Bronco orange meshes perfectly with the summer tan. When our minds shift gears from vacations to tailgating at Mile High. Just as the players are getting season ready with pre-season games, so are the fans in finding the best, the most affordable, and the less hassle way of getting to the games. The fun starts this Saturday as the Broncos host the Vikings in Denver.

An option for fans in Northern Colorado since 2015 is Bustang - a climate controlled coach that has Wifi, USB outlets, bathrooms, comfortable seating, and drops riders off at the front of the stadium. According to the Coloradoan, the cost for the round-trip ride is only $30.

For the game this Saturday, the Bustang to Broncos website has the following schedule:

3:30pm Departure - Fort Collins Downtown Transit Center
3:55pm Departure - Harmony Road Park & Ride
4:10pm Departure - Loveland US 34 Park & Ride
5:30pm Arrival - Mile High Stadium

For your ride home:

10:30pm Departure - Mile High Stadium
11:45pm Arrival - Loveland US 34 Park & Ride
12:00am Arrival - Harmony Road Park & Ride
12:25am Arrival - Fort Collins Downtown Transit Center

Another cool option is their app. You can buy tickets and get route times.


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