In one of the most action-packed Playoff Football weekends in a long time, the Green Bay Packers led by future HOF Quarterback, Aaron Rogers, were eliminated from the playoffs. Does that increase the odds of him coming to Denver to join the Broncos? Do we even want him?

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Aaron Rogers To The Denver Broncos?

Let’s be honest, the Denver Broncos have been in need of a solid QB basically since our Hall of Fame Quarterback, Peyton Manning, retired six seasons ago. The Broncos have gone through 11 different people playing that position since he retired after Super Bowl 50. That's why when the potential for a superstar MVP Quarterback like Aaron Rogers to hit the open market pops up, Broncos fans jump all over it.

Aaron Rogers and his Green Bay Packers had a heck of a season. They were the Number 1 seeded/ranked team in the NFC. That, unfortunately, didn't mean much as they were eliminated after just one game, in the NFC divisional round. His team lost to the San Fransisco 49ers after a last-second field goal sent Rogers and his team to the golf course with our Broncos. Fun Fact: This will be the first time in twelve years that neither Aaron Rogers nor Tom Brady will be in the NFC or AFC Championship game. Wild, right?

Clearly, after reading that quote from Rogers above, he's in no position to sit through a rebuilding stage, so why would he? He has the option to pick where he plays in the 2022/2023 season and the Denver Broncos have been a rumored landing spot since before this current season even began. Question is, do we even want him?

Sure, on one hand, having a Super Bowl-winning, league MVP-winning Quarterback sounds like a dream come true, especially after what we were able to accomplish when Peyton came here. But the situation is very different. Peyton was cut due to an injury, With Rogers, it sounds like he wants out because he's frustrated and tired of losing in the postseason. Here is the question for Broncos COuntry though. Is he too much drama and would it be worth potentially getting this team back on track for? The other question is do we really want another "rental;" QB who will leave in 2-3 seasons leaving us right where we are now. A big part of me says "win now at all costs." On the flip side though, I'm ready for our next franchise QB. Denver is in need of a guy who can lead us for a decade, not 2-3 years, right? He's been in the headlines a lot with his stance on COVID 19 among other things and could be a way bigger distraction than we'd be bargaining for. I'm torn, but I do want to win, now. I'd most ikely be happy if we did end up landing him though, who am I kidding?

Other possible QB options for Denver are Russel Wilson and Deshaun Watson, which would both be a little more long-term if they can stay healthy. Regardless of Rogers possibly coming to Denver or not, the Broncos need a QB stud, a proven winner, and we need him yesterday. Broncos Country is sick of losing and it's time to get to the Pat Bowlen way of winning. Go Broncos!

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