A town's slogan can tell a lot about its roots, and sometimes what to expect when you go there in 2017.  Other times, it can just make you go... "What?"

*I would submit that several Northern Colorado's are extremely fitting, like Wellington's:  "A Nice Place to Grow."  There may be no better place for those words than a city whose population has roughly tripled in the past 15 years.  It's also one of I-25's many "bedroom communities," with newer homes for slightly cheaper than other towns, plus a smooth commute to either Cheyenne or farther into Colorado; yet, very few people seem to want to make it their permanent home as of yet because, well... You have to drive a ways to do almost anything away from home.  I speak from experience, as it was my family's first home for six years.

*Even residents of other countries know about Denver being the "Mile High City."

But there's so much more to appreciate; so thank goodness Out There Colorado went so far as to round up nearly 30 of our state's town slogans that are... well... interesting, each for its own reason.  Some local highlights:

*Fort Collins must not have had a slogan before the mid 90s, because ours is "The Napa Valley of Beer."  Okay, old news perhaps, but I just learned this.  Sue me.

*Greeley took the nickname I would've expected of Colorado Springs, which is "The City of Churches."

*You might know what Loveland's is, as we are reminded every February:  "The Sweetheart City."

From "Home of Mike the Headless Chicken" to "The Real South Park" and "The Pinto Bean Capital of the World," we certainly live in a place that even the most introverted strangers on the planet could talk about endlessly.

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