It's not just Fort Collins. People are offended by the Colorado-based restaurant's name once more. 

Illegal Pete's, which has locations in Denver and Boulder, opened up an Old Town Fort Collins location a few years ago — and we all remember how that went. While it's a popular downtown burrito joint now, back in 2014, some Fort Collins residents wanted the restaurant to change its name, which obviously didn't happen, because like, come on.

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Now, the same issue has resurfaced in 2019 in Delaware, according to the Denver Post. However, this time around, Illegal Pete's is suing for what they say is a violation of free speech.

'Delaware officials have refused to accept business formation certificates from Illegal Pete’s because the company’s name has 'a negative connotation' and 'might cause harm to the interests of the public or the state,'' Denver Post reported.

Shame; Delaware may just miss out on some of the country's best burritos. You can read more from the Denver Post here.

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