As if!  The decade that started with bright-colored balloon pants and morphed into flannel and bowl haircuts is being celebrated in the dankest way possible, Saturday (July 14th) in Old Town FoCo, with the "I Love the 90s" Bash.

Several alcohol-serving establishments will participate.  If you want in on this, register at Bondi Beach Bar between 2 and 5pm.  When you do, you'll get

  • A slap bracelet
  • An I Love the 90s Bar Crawl Mug
  • Drink specials at participating bars, and no cover
  • Tons of 90s music (obviously!)
  • Entertainment from all the wicked 90s attire surrounding you.
There is no particular "route" or itinerary, so you can spend however little or much time you want, in whatever order, between the following places, each offering its own array of attractive perks to suit the occasion:
  • Blind Pig Pub
  • Pinball Jones
  • Bondi Beach Bar
  • East Coast Bar

Yo yo yo, the party runs til 10pm, and tickets range from $16-20, dawg!

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