Fireworks are back in Northern Colorado on June 16.

Ever since the City of Fort Collins announced that the annual firework show and parade were cancelled, I've been wondering what to do for the 4th of July. Today, I found my answer as I was driving down Mulberry after a fantastic brunch at Ginger and Baker. What do I see? A beautifully tattered fireworks stand, Pete's Fireworks. It reminded me of the spray-painted ones that lined the road into the Indian reservation near where I grew up.

For me, the discovery was was a little hope in a challenging year.

However, I was confused because I thought all fireworks were banned in Fort Collins. Turns out, I was right. Even sparklers and snakes are banned in the city. However, Pete's Fireworks is right outside the city limits. I like the way you think, Pete.

Pete's Fireworks
1701 Mulberry ST HWY 14
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(303) 257-7248
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