As Colorado's Budweiser Events Center in Loveland celebrates its 20th anniversary, many amazing upgrades and changes are on the way before the end of 2023. New name, new seats, and so much more.

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Budweiser Events Center Changes Name And More This Fall

The mid to late 90s and early 2000s were a huge time for sports and live events all across Colorado. In that stretch of fewer than 10 years, Colorado had all brand new sports and live event facilities up and down the front range. Coors Field opened in 1995 getting our new (at the time) Colorado Rockies out of Mile High Stadium, and into their own home brand-new stadium in downtown Denver. In 1999 the Pepsi Center (now Ball Arena) opened and replaced the old McNichols Arena. In 2001 Invesco Field at Mile High (Now Empower Field at Mile High) opened and replaced the old Mile High Stadium in 2001. All we needed was a new arena in Northern Colorado, which we got in the form of the Budweiser events center in September 2003. Now as they celebrate their 20th anniversary, some extremely exciting changes are coming this fall.

 What's Changing At The Budweiser Events Center?

Courtesy Of Blue Federal Credit Union
Courtesy Of Blue Federal Credit Union

In conjunction with the new "Blue Arena" name that we informed you of earlier this week, the "new" arena will be investing just shy of $5 million dollars in renovations beginning this June. Painting the inside of the arena bowl and upgrading the suites are just a couple of exciting improvements coming to the Blue Arena. But the most exciting change is the all-new seating.

Budweiser Events Center Getting All New Seats This Fall

Yup, new seats are finally coming to NoCo's most famous arena. In a press release from Larimer County, which owns the arena, they said:

All permanent and retractable seating in the Budweiser Event Center will be replaced as a safety measure since the seats are in disrepair and not functioning properly. This seating area now requires excessive maintenance and expense and doesn’t offer the highest level of safety The Ranch regularly provides its guests.

Some digging has told us the expected new seating color will be black, much like the newer seating down at the Ball Arena. The new seats will be ready for all of the action prior to the 2023-24 Colorado Eagles season. The county's plan is to not disrupt any scheduled events so we expect their teams to be working relatively quickly. I'm sure these have already been ordered but if they could add a little width for us fluffy folks, it'd sure make watching events there far more enjoyable. Kidding. Kinda...

The new Blue Arena will be rocking this fall and we cannot wait to see it and be a part of it. Speaking of things in Colorado that we're excited about...

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