From spring to the beginning of fall, it seems like there is always a concert going on in Colorado. One organizer hopes to bring a new music festival to the fall, which could be the biggest of the year.

According to 9News, the organizers who play a role in putting together large scale events like Bonnaroo are targeting the city of Denver as a possible target for a music festival to occur fall of 2018.

The event tentatively would occur at the Overland Park and Golf Course and would be produced by AEG Live and Superfly.

Discussions of the possible festival are in the very early stages and nothing is close to being finalized.

A representative from AEG Live tells 9News that the preliminary plans are looking at the possibility of having 70 to 80 musical performers during the three days and would have many local ties to the event including local artists and non profit organizations.

The ease of public transportation and being close to downtown are what make the golf course a favorable choice for organizers. However, other cities are being considered if the city of Denver decides that it is not a fit.

Denver city officials hope to make a decision in the spring after getting feedback from residents who would be affected by the festival.

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