About 40 miles outside of Fort Collins, along the side of a mountain, deep in the forest of Pingree Park, remains wreckage of a WWII Era B-17 Bomber plane. The flight crashed while en-route from South Dakota to Denver in 1943, sadly killing all eight members on board. 

Although the tragic accident occurred 77 years ago, much of the plane and pieces of debris are still scattered across the rocky hogback that it slammed into.

Nowadays, hikers can make their way to the historic location, which feels a bit eerie and heavy, but also really rewarding at the same time. There are several ways that the location can be accessed, but these are directions for hiking to the B-17 crash site via the Stormy Peaks/Old Sawmill Trail.

B-17 Crash Site Hike via Stormy Peaks/Old Sawmill Trail

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