I'd been planning on re-organizing / cleaning out the top of my garage for... well, too long, come to find out.  I was replacing a worn-out bike hoist Saturday, when suddenly a 2x4 that was stashed there fell, landed on the back window of my car, bounced off, and dented and scuffed part of the hatchback.  While I'm super lucky it didn't break what I'm sure is a very expensive window, it was still a real spirit dampener, as it hasn't been two years since I had my Celica made over in order to drive a car that's like new and has been paid off since 2005!  Pretty hard to complain about that.  Now, I just wonder where/how/how much to repair this stupid mistake.

Geoff Gundy, TSM
Geoff Gundy, TSM

My wife, who is my brains when I have none, mentioned she had heard about a trick where you pour boiling water on a car dent, and it oftentimes pops the dent out!  This is a pretty solid part of the car, so we'll see if it works.  If you don't hear an update, that means I had to take my baby to the doctor for a splat of bondo and paint.

Either way, pretty cool trick!  Did you know about this?

By the way, my immediate Saturday plans were scrapped in favor of completely reorganizing the top of my garage, so this will never happen again.

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