Well, I can tell you on College Avenue on a Saturday night -- very. There's always that guy blasting everyone with truck exhaust and driving erratically, catcalling you and asking, 'You want a ride?'

Gregory Bergman/ThinkStock
Gregory Bergman/ThinkStock

It's three degrees outside, I'm in heels and the Crown Pub is on fire behind me, so yes, in theory I would like a ride. But not from you. I lie and tell you I'm a Prius-driving vegan who voted for Hillary, and you'd hate me once you get to know me beyond appearances.

*Poof* you disappear into that cloud of black smoke.

I'm not meaning to hate on all rednecks; to each their own! I don't actually have an electric car, but I just don't appreciate the coal rolling and obvious cry for attention, OK?

How 'redneck' is Northern Colorado? Don't ask me, ask an expert.

Well, 'expert' may be an exaggeration, but RoadSnacks.com did a 'Ten Most Redneck Cities in Colorado' list, using criteria like the number of bars and tobacco stores per city, how many places there are to buy fishing gear, guns and ammo and the number of 'Walmarts, Golden Corrals, Bass Pro Shops, and Dollar Generals nearby' and more.

None of our larger Northern Colorado cities made the list, and I'm honestly a little surprised. The closest was Fort Lupton at #10, but you can crack open a Bud Lite and see the full list here.

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