It is the season of giving and all sorts of opportunities to help charities and those less fortunate are out there. The Salvation Army bell ringers have been parked outside of almost every shopping center and store front in Northern Colorado for a while now. They are certainly not the only ones looking for donations, but they are among the most visual.

I have witnessed first hand how giving Northern Colorado is with the number of non-profit fundraisers I have had the privilege of helping and contributing to. There's no question this is a very giving community. But, how does the state of Colorado compare to the rest of the country?

WalletHub recently released their 2017 Most Charitable States report. There good news...and bad news.

First, the Unites States does pretty good on a global level. The U.S. ranks 5th out of 140 countries and more than $389 billion to charity, with about 70% coming from individual citizens, according to National Philanthropic Trust. American also donate a great deal of their time with over half of our population putting in 7.9 billion hours each year. That has a $184 billion dollar price tag.

How does Colorado rank on a national level? Not the best.....not the worst. Right in the middle: #26. When it comes to donating time, Colorado is 36th. When it comes to donating money, Colorado is 17th.

Here's the national map provided by WalletHub:


Source: WalletHub

For the Coloradoans who give every day of the year, thank you! May this motivate us all to help others who need our help. Tis the season of giving!

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