In a world where the question “where do you wanna go eat” is typically answered with “I don’t know” or “I don’t care.” Or the ever-popular “nothing sounds good" Wing Shack is coming to the "I don't know where to eat" rescue with a brand new restaurant location in Johnstown.

Wings, at least in my house, is always hit but there haven’t been any good wing spots close to home so we have to either have to drive really far or settle soggy baked wings from a pizza place. Not anymore, as the New Wing Shack in Downtown Johnstown is finally open for business.

Taking over a great space that used to be a local brewery, one can’t help but wonder when Wing Shack will begin to partake in their own brewing. Can you imagine all the cool brews they could create that you could only get at the local Wing Shack spots in Northern Colorado? My mouth is watering already.

Hot Wing Alert: The New Johnstown Wing Shack Has Arrived

With multiple TVs inside, a patio for warmer weather in the Spring or Summer, and a great indoor vibe, the new Johnstown Wing Shack location will for sure be a destination location to watch your favorite sporting events or to just grab some food and a beverage. Since I drive by it daily, this will be a new go-to so maybe we'll see ya there.

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