A homeless man living at the Denver Rescue Mission just won $50,000 from a Colorado Lottery scratch ticket - what he'll spend it on is really great.

Adam H. won with a lucky Poker Celebration ticket recently, the odds of which are 1 in 520,000 according to Denver7.

All of us wonder what we would do in a situation where we won a large amount of money like this - should we spend it all right away? Save it until we figure out what to do with it? Invest the money in a house, car, etc.?

For Adam, the choice was simple. He will use the money he won to move back to Kentucky to be with his daughter. Aww!

I'm not sure how old Adam H. is but he looks like a really young guy, so I'm assuming his daughter is also young. I'm also not certain what their family dynamic is, but I sure hope his arrival will put a smile on her face and that this good fortune will help him get back on his feet. Congratulations, Adam!

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