It happened around 4 p.m. Tuesday (12/26.)  Immediately after the train took off, it started rocking back and forth.  Naturally, people were shuffling around, super concerned.  Then, it tipped onto its side, and everyone slid to one side of the train.  Shortly after, someone came around asking if everyone was okay.  One person seems to have been injured:  A 69-year-old man who went to urgent care with neck, back, and hip pain.

The town marshal says there was a "minor malfunction," that the train didn't flip over, and that there were no injuries.

As of this morning (12/29/17,) 9 News has released a second article has released that focuses more on the cause of the derailment and what happens next.  Here's that.

Geoff Gundy, TSM
Georgetown Loop Railroad, Christmas Eve 2010  - Geoff Gundy, TSM

Colorado train rides are popular at the Gundy house, and the first one I ever rode was the Georgetown Loop Railroad's Christmas train.  I wish I had a photo (which I could use legally) of the bridge that has to be at least four stories over the road below it, with no guard rails or anything.  I remember feeling the car sort of rock side to side as we approached that thing, and just thinking, "Well, there's never been a tragedy here, so just playing the numbers here I think we're good," as the history of this train ride dates back to 1872.  Still freaked me out, though.  Still glad I did the ride, however.  Here's hoping for full physical and mental recoveries for all involved!

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