Don't miss out this Friday, September 25, as DJ Avalon and the Downtown Artery in Fort Collins take us back two decades for a hella awesome Club 1995 dance party.  It's all that and a bag of chips. Should I cut the '90s slang now?

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From Barbie Girl to Spice Girls, one can expect the go-to '90s jams, but DJ Avalon takes it another route that we love here at The X, with a tinge of that '90s alt grunge. Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters and old school No Doubt were on the August Club 1995 lineup.

Last round, I showed up more DJ Tanner than PJ Harvey in my strapless floral dress, white leather pumps and an acid-washed denim jacket. Needless to say, I stood out a little bit in the crowd of cut-off crop tops, chokers, Vedder-esque flannel and combat boots, but not regrettably so. At least I left the scrunchie at home.

Thankfully, these things happen monthly, so I can try again.

Club 1995 is hosted by the Downtown Artery at 252 Linden Street in Old Town, Fort Collins. Event starts at 9 p.m. Cover is $5 (and there is beer for 21+).