When it comes to building snowmen, or really anything at all with snow, you know the best kind of snow to use. It's Colorado spring now. The heavy, wet stuff.

Sure, these kind of storms are brutal because they usually end up breaking tree limbs, flattening your lawn, or worse, caving in flat roofs across the area. But bad as some of these storms may seem, any significant snow we get in March may lead to something bigger than all of that.

I'm talking about the "Say Hi With a Snowman" campaign for the Children's Hospital in Denver. What started as a way to have some light hearted fun during the pandemic has now become an annual thing. This is the third straight year for the campaign, put on by Generation Wild, which is an effort created to get kids to play more outside, thereby keeping down the amount of screen time inside. This campaign is a way for kids stuck in the hospital to indirectly be able to do that.

Now through the end of March, people can pair up with patients at Children's Hospital and help bring their own, unique snowman ideas to fruition. Kids draw their version of what a cool snowman is. Then families are matched with each child to attempt to actually build the snowman - from the artwork - with real snow. You then take pictures of the finished result and send them back so the patient can see their vision come to life.

A very cool idea.

You can pair up with a patient this year and build their snowman by signing up here.

And you can find out a little more about the program with a report and interviews from last year below.

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