Amtrak is combining two of my favorite things, which are snowboarding and scenic train rides.

Massive Snowstorm Brings Up To Foot Of Snow To Large Swath Of Northeast
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We heard about the return of the Winter Park Ski Train last summer, but then there was grumbling over the price - which, admittedly, is why I won't be trying it with my family unless they come up with some mega deals!  Well, it doesn't look good for that, since we now know the train has been selling out regularly!!  I'm still glad for it, even though I probably won't have a chance to try it myself for as much as another decade.

We all win from this thing, though.  Every time this sells out, that's 540 people who won't be on I-70 or Highway 40.  Say what you will about that Express Lane on '70 (what is really going on with that, anyway?)  This is just awesome.

Also, no surprise the train is back.  It ran from 1940 (!) to 2009, when it got too expensive to operate, according to  So thank goodness they got this figured out.

People always say they go to Winter Park.  And I say, "GOOD!"  I'm always over at the Mary Jane side, usually somewhere in the Parsenn Bowl if it's a good day for that.  This is absolutely my favorite place to snowboard, because where else can you come flying off a giant, open mountainside and rip through the trees in paths wide enough where you can control it.  There's almost always good powder in there!

Winter Park is fine for when everyone else is on their lunch break :)  I mean, uh... Winter Park is WAY better!  ALWAYS go to that side!

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