I was a bad kid.  Growing up, I used to throw pop bottles, and oftentimes cigarette butts, out the car windows.  To my credit, the pop bottles were glass then, and it was fun to try and hit stop signs with them, so it was kind of a game.

Something about the first time I ever spent awhile in the mountains, that I realized how loving and fragile Mother Earth is.  Or, if that's too existential for you, I realized just how freaking beautiful the place is where I live - and why would I ever want to trash it with my garbage?  Today, I see that stuff and it makes me a little sad.

So, does the trash ever get picked up?  Who does it?  And how much are we talking here?  Yes, CDOT, and an area three times the size of Disneyland, piled a foot deep.  (If you've never been there - Disneyland is like, 'big' and stuff.)

I know I'm not the only one who keeps a reusable grocery bag on the floor of his back seat area for trash, most of which ends up in my recycle bin.  Will you please be on my team, and keep Colorado looking like it should?

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