It's that week of the year when Fort Collins gets a bit more crowded, and after you take a look at the numbers, you'll see why.

Back-to-school season in Fort Collins is also when we get a surge in population, not just from Colorado State University students returning to town after summer break, but with new students moving in on campus.

Read: Avoid Laurel St., Shields St., College Ave. and the local Target store for at least the next week, if possible. 

Just how many new bodies were added to the campus area? According to CSU's Housing and Dining Services, a little over 8,000 (not all are first-year students, however).

CSU crunched the numbers of anticipated on-campus move-ins for 2019-2020 that would take place over the course of this week (and this is just on campus). Here's what it looks like:


CSU Housing & Dining Services
CSU Housing & Dining Services

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