Having taken a few excursions to live in other states (ya know, work,) I'm not terribly surprised to find Colorado lands where it does in the results of this study.  Yes, tension is high here.  Everything at work has to be perfect, otherwise someone else will gladly do the job you used to have.  Everything is spread out, so you have to leave early and drive quickly to get where we want to be, yet so does everyone else - and there's construction.  Then, there's that whole issue of trying to squeeze every awesome pastime into your itinerary while leaving yourself enough time to sleep and money to eat.  Super intense place.

The difference, to me, is that underneath all of the stress here, there is usually a very positive reason for that stress.  So you know why you're pushing yourself so hard, and you normally feel like it's worth it (right??)

Other states are stressed, too, but all too often, I have found myself asking:  "Why???  What is the end result here?"  Just my take on some that I've lived in:

  • Vermont:  Some of the kindest, most intelligent people I have met, but... It's still the East.  That means everyone is in a huge hurry.  In a hurry to talk, in a hurry for deadlines, in a hurry to email you a followup to your voicemail that was a followup to a 20-minute conversation you just had.
  • Indiana:  Actually.... I don't think Indiana is stressed at all.  And that stresses me out.  I need some freakin' motion, man.
  • Texas:  Seems like cops are the big source of stress there - at least I have heard you do NOT want to get pulled over there.
  • Nebraska:  Stress to be on top of your game and your business, so you're not one of the reasons people say "Well, it's Nebraska, what did you expect."  Then, when you're done, there's nothing to do except get up and do it again the next day.  (I do dig the lakes and rivers, though.  Possibly the one worthwhile thing they have over us?)
  • Then, there's Wyoming:  Everything that matters to us in Colorado?  Doesn't in Wyoming.  Everything that we let go in Colorado?  HUGE deal in Wyoming.  Hey, we all have our quirks, right?

That puts Colorado in the Top 10 for LEAST stressed-out states.  All things considered, I can see that!  I'm always stressed - but it's generally positive stress, and I can honestly say I've learned the difference.

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