This nationwide study, done by Thrillist, simply rounded up the top Google searches by recipe.

The most popular recipe nationwide?  Banana read, weirdly enough, with three states searching for it more than anything else:  Kansas, Nevada, and New Mexico.  I submit homegrown zucchini bread tops it.

Other recipes that were number one in at least two states:

  • Cake
  • Cheesecake
  • Chili (Hey, submit your green chili recipe if you want.  I'm looking for a new one.)
  • Cookies
  • Frosting (Yo!  Cake cookies with frosting, helloooo!)
  • Gravy (Mix from Trader Joes, brah.)
  • Tacos.  (I submit:  Hardshells, your favorite fish, romaine, hiccuma, and Goddess dressing.  Try it, you'll like it!)

We do love our sushi here, and after all, the only thing missing in Colorado is an ocean.  So should our most looked-up recipe come as any surprise?

Okay, okay, looks like Idaho has my back.  Although theirs is weird:  "Zucchini recipes" - the origin of which I'm guessing was simply "Anything besides potatoes, please!!!"

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