The last we heard from The Lumineers, they were reading Mean Tweets on late-night TV, but now, they're back on a more serious note paying respects to Tom Petty. To honor the rock icon one year after he passed away, the Colorado folk group gave 'Walls' The Lumineers treatment. 

Petty passed away on October 2, 2017 after accidentally overdosing on pain medication, Rolling Stone reports. Wesley Shultz of The Lumineers said that his wife walked down the aisle to 'Walls,' so the band decided to release their own rendition of the song on the one-year anniversary of Petty's death.

You may recall Petty's version featured Fleetwood Mac's Lindsay Buckingham. Oh, and Jennifer Anniston is in the music video wearing a Bindi at a circus [AXS].

Proceeds will benefit MusiCares. Read more from Rolling Stone here and take a listen to the Lum-ified track below.

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