Paramore singer Hayley Williams has been on a social media hiatus since June, leaving fans wondering what's going on. The singer made an appearance at the Beautycon Festival in Los Angeles to promote her goodDYEyoung line of hair dye and spoke to Entertainment Tonight about her hiatus and the status of Paramore.

"To be honest, I am an awful, awful human for those Instagram posts that I left everyone hanging with," Williams confessed before explaining that the hiatus does have its own benefits. "Number one, I fully believe in social media hiatuses," she affirmed, noting, "I think it's so good for your mental health and I personally really, really need it."

Despite putting her time and energy into promoting her vegan hair dye, Williams asserts that music is still her primary passion. "But I didn't want people to forget ... I have always been a musician first. My first creative outlet was music and even though people are going to see me in this kind of [beauty] space a lot more, I don't want people to forget," she explained.

Regarding her more recent Instagram posts, which were cryptic in their own way, Williams went on, "So I kind of was like, 'I'm just gonna leave this here, and see ya guys on the flipside!'"

After Laughter, Paramore's latest full length, was released in 2017. Fans have been wondering what's on the horizon for Paramore and Williams admitted she's not even sure herself, declaring, "I really don't know what's next for Paramore."

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