Father's Day is coming up and while I can't speak for all dads, I can say pretty confidently that if you're stuck on what to do or get Dad this year, as long as it has to do with beer, dads are going to love it.

This little gadget is something that while I don't think is necessary, it's just a cool thing to have and that's what we dads like to do with other dads. We just like to show off our cool gadgets. Even if we only use them once in a while or don't really need them, we feel pretty awesome when we have something unique and cool that nobody else has. And I'm pretty sure this gift qualifies.

Introducing, Biersafe, an underground beer cooler that requires no electricity and keeps beer fresh and cold while being stored underground.




Now, I'm not sure how functional this little contraption that was invented in Germany would be during the winter months here in Colorado when the ground is covered in a foot or 2 of snow and completely frozen solid, but during the other months, it would be a pretty cool thing to show off to friends.

I'll be honest, when it comes to asking for what we want for Father's Day, a lot of dads (including myself) have a hard time coming up with something but a little contraption like this that can make us feel cool. Any help we can get doing that, is a beautiful thing.

To all of my fellow dads, cheers to you.

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