Do you have family visiting this holiday season? Well, now you have another reason to take them to Denver. You have to take them to see this tree.

It's the tallest tree of its kind and a perfect addition to The Mile High City's holiday festivities.  It's located at Denver's Sculpture Park, off of Speer just north of Colfax.

Not only is 'The Mile High Tree' VERY tall (110 feet) and equipped with all-digital (60,000 LED lights,), but you can also hang out inside of it, as it holds 140 people. It has to be pretty wondrous to be inside as the tree is lit up.

According to The Denver Post, the tree will be lit up from 5-10:30 p.m. every night through January 2020, with performances every half hour. They have holiday treats and holiday alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available to help set the mood.

The Post says your best bet to get to the tree is to park at the Denver Performing Arts Center's Galleria entrance at 14th and Curtis.

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