I fully realize that the pic you're trying to get of a Yellowstone bison up close might be the highlight of your vacation. But, these geniuses are truly tempting fate.

Excuse me while I (*face palm*) first. This video just hit Instagram today and it unfortunately foretells what we're likely to see in Yellowstone National Park again soon. It's a guy scurrying out of his vehicle with what looks like a camera he bought from a gas station to position himself WITHIN FEET of a massive male Yellowstone bison.

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Believe it or not, that's not the worse part. What parent allowed their kid to run out of the vehicle and do the very same thing? C'mon. Even by low touron standards, this is unacceptable.

That's 2,000 pounds of potential furry fury that could take a dislike to you and/or your child any freaking moment.

Here's a pro tip. Go to the National Park Service website and follow their "7 Ways to Safely Watch Wildlife". NOWHERE on their site will you see a recommendation to do anything resembling this. I hate to sound like your domineering mother, but surely we as humans are better than this. Or, maybe not.

It's nearly tourist season in Yellowstone. Brace yourself. It's just the beginning.

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