It doesn't matter what part of the country you live in - everyone's talking about it.


Gas prices are on the rise once again.

Over the weekend, the national average price for regular-grade gas officially surpassed $4 for the first time since 2008.

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According to gas price data via AAA, on Monday, March 7, the national average price for regular gas stood at about $4.06; those who are paying for mid-grade, premium, or diesel gas are burning even bigger holes in their pockets.

As of Monday morning, the national average price for mid-grade, premium, and diesel gas stood at $4.36, $4.64, and $4.61, respectively.

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To put those numbers into better perspective, here's where national average gas prices stood just a week ago:

Last Week's National Average Price For Gas (Week of 2/27-3/5)

  • Regular: $3.61 
  • Mid-grade: $3.94 
  • Premium: $4.22 
  • Diesel: $4.00 

Even more perspective: 

With the recent rise in gas prices, the national average price for gas has gone up 61.1 cents from a month ago, according to GasBuddy, and $1.29 per gallon since this time last year.

The national average price of diesel has risen 61.9 cents in the last week and stands at $4.61 per gallon, the highest since August 2008, and is just 20 cents from the all-time record high of $4.84/gal.

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A big reason for the rise in gas prices, in most recent times, is largely due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine; during the first full week of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the price of regular gas rose by almost 41 cents, according to AAA. 

“As Russia’s war on Ukraine continues to evolve and we head into a season where gas prices typically increase, Americans should prepare to pay more for gas than they ever have before,” Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy, said in a statement.

“There are few words to describe the unprecedented rise in gasoline prices over the last week, with massive spikes coast to coast in both gasoline and diesel prices, as oil prices jump to their highest since 2008.

Forget the $4 per gallon mark, the nation will soon set new all-time record highs and we could push closer to a national average of $4.50/gal. California could be heading for $5.50 per gallon with more stations charging $6 and beyond....we’ve never been in this situation before, with this level of uncertainty."

How Much Is Gas In Colorado?

Compared to the national average price of gas today ($4.06), the average price of gas in Colorado falls about 31 cents below the national average, coming in at about $3.75 per gallon - for regular gas.

In the last 24 hours alone, gas in Colorado has gone up about 3 cents, as the average price for regular gas in Colorado stood at $3.72 just yesterday.

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Getty Images

Here's a breakdown of the average prices for gas (per gallon) in Colorado today (Monday, Mar. 7):

  • Regular: $3.75
  • Mid-grade: $4.06
  • Premium: $4.35
  • Diesel: $4.16 

The comparison in Colorado gas prices today - versus where they stood a week, a month, and even a year ago today are truly rage-worthy:

Average Gas Prices In Colorado

A Week Ago: 

  • Regular: $3.37
  • Mid-grade: $3.69
  • Premium: $3.99
  • Diesel: $3.63

A Month Ago: 

  • Regular: $3.31
  • Mid-grade: $3.64
  • Premium: $3.93
  • Diesel: $3.50

A Year Ago: 

  • Regular: $2.73
  • Mid-grade: $3.04
  • Premium: $3.32
  • Diesel: $2.92 

The Cheapest Gas In Colorado

Shockingly enough, the cheapest gas in Colorado right now is housed at a Boulder gas station; at Boulder Gas - located at 2995 28th St. - you can fill up with regular gas for $3.25 a gallon.

These are the ten gas stations with the cheapest gas in Colorado, as of Monday, Mar. 7:

  1. Boulder Gas (2995 28th St, Boulder) - $3.25 
  2. Valero (27080 US-287, Springfield) - $3.30 
  3. Safeway (1677 S Havana St, Aurora) - $3.31 
  4. Sam's Club (880 S Abilene St, Aurora) - $3.31 
  5. Sam's Club (9601 Grant St, Thornton) - $3.31
  6. Safeway (9640 Washington St, Thornton) - $3.31 
  7. Safeway (20153 E Smoky Hill Rd, Centennial) - $3.32 
  8. Circle K (101 N Denver Ave, Fort Lupton) - $3.35 
  9. Circle K (10363 Federal Blvd, Westminster) - $3.35
  10. Safeway (1300 Dexter St, Fort Lupton) - $3.36 
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The Cheapest Gas In Northern Colorado

For us up here in Northern Colorado, you're not going to find gas any cheaper than about $3.40 a gallon.

Although saving at the pump is admittedly hard these days, you can probably save yourself a few bucks by filling your tank up at one of these NoCo gas stations:

  1. Sam's Club (3247 23rd Ave, Evans) - $3.39 
  2. Cosmic Market (2730 23rd Ave, Greeley) - $3.39 
  3. Safeway (4548 Centerplace Dr, Greeley) - $3.41 
  4. Safeway (3526 W 10th St, Greeley) - $3.41 
  5. Sinclair (1100 42nd St, Evans) - $3.42 
  6. U Pump It (3210 W 10th St, Greeley) - $3.44 
  7. Conoco (5518 E US-34, Loveland) - $3.49 
  8. Sam's Club (1200 E Eisenhower Blvd, Loveland) - $3.52 
  9. Murphy Express (120 W 64th St, Loveland) - $3.55 
  10. Sinclair (4325 E Harmony Blvd, Fort Collins) - $3.55 

How much are you paying for gas these days? Share your photos and comments regarding these outrageous gas prices with us on our free app.

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