Fort Collins's snow game has been insanely weak this year.

After we were warned of one of the biggest snowstorms of the year a few weeks ago, a weekend of rain proved weather(people) everywhere wrong. Last night, after warnings of a massive snowstorm in Colorado came through, many flipped up their wipers and got their wellies ready for the day-- only to find a light dusting of snow on the ground this morning.

So what, exactly, should we expect this week? Well, as The Coloradoan sees it: more snow.

According to the newspaper, "The National Weather Service predicts a 20 to 30 percent chance of snow Wednesday night into Thursday" (source), so don't expect anything too hazardous.

We all know the weather in Colorado can last just about as long as a celebrity marriage, so definitely expect some changes no matter what-- and always have those wellies handy.

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