The Fort Collins man who made headlines around the world after a deadly mountain lion attack — deadly for the lion, that is — is sharing his story.

As the New York Times said, Travis Kauffman, a five year resident of Fort Collins, isn't Chuck Norris, but he did kill a mountain lion. On February 4, Kauffman was running on the west side of Horsetooth when he was attacked, but survived with injuries after he, now famously, suffocated the lion.

During a press conference with Colorado Parks and Wildlife in Fort Collins, Kuaffman credited being a new cat dad for the actions that ended up saving his life.

'As a pretty new cat owner, I realized once you get a cat on its back, its back legs go crazy... I was able to pin down its back legs with my knees,' he explained.

'I stepped on its neck and eventually was able to suffocate it.'

Kuaffman begins his story around the ten minute mark:

Via Colorado Parks and Wildlife on Facebook.

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