Update: Fort Collins Police has released an update on the situation that can be found at the bottom of this article. 

This morning (Sept. 9), Fort Collins Police announced a road closure between West Mountain Avenue and Lyons Street. They did not give an indication on when the road would be reopened and encouraged drivers to find a detour route around the closure.

As an update on the situation and why the road was closed, Fort Collins Police most recently announced that they received a call about a "suspicious item" in the roadway.

While they are still investigating the scene, Fort Collins Police decided to air on the side of extreme precaution. The Northern Colorado Bomb Squad is currently at the road closure investigating the item that was found.

Fort Collins Police and Poudre Fire have reassured the community that the Bomb Squad presence is an "abundance of precaution".

We will continue to update this story as Fort Collins Police updates the community.

Update: The Northern Colorado Bomb Squad deemed the item not a threat to the community. They have removed it for further investigation and Fort Collins Police has reopened the road at W. Mountain Ave. and Lyons St. 

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