After a week of sheer craziness, maybe we need to be reminded of a simpler that existed in the black and white frame of this adorable wintertime vintage photo.

OK, OK, I know everything wasn't perfect back in 1952, but the below photo has an air of wintertime magic that just puts me at ease. The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery shared the image on their Instagram account on January 7, and the snap of Old Town Fort Collins features winter lights hanging over the street, snowy jalopies, and buildings we still know and love to this day.

Hey, the man in the photo could be someone's grandfather! With snow on the way for Northern Colorado, this kind of picturesque quiet is about to envelop our town yet again...minus those adorable street lamps, of course.

Things look a lot different in Fort Collins of 2021, but it's always fun to get a glimpse into our (wintry) past.

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