If you ever really wanted to sneak something on a plane that wasn't allowed you used to have to travel with a child under twelve. Now, you can also use a senior over 75. A TSA pilot program designed to limit pat-downs for passengers 75 and older has made its debut at the Fort Collins - Loveland Airport. The modified procedures are similar to those tested and implemented in 2011 for passengers 12 and under. 

While the program would not completely eliminate pat-downs, organizers say the changes in protocol for elderly passengers could ultimately reduce the added security measure conducted to resolve "anomalies" detected during security screenings. They include on longer removing shoes and light outerwear, permitting a second scan through advanced imaging technology to clear any anomalies and greater use of explosives trace detection.

TSA officials say the procedures will allow officers to better focus their efforts on passengers who are more likely to pose a risk and expedite the screening process.

Fort Collins - Loveland is only the fifth airport in the country to implement the Risk-Based Security Initiative. It is also at Denver International Airport, Chicago O'Hare International Airport, Orlando International Airport and Portland International Airport.

If successful, the program will be implemented more broadly.

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