Give yourself a pat on the back, but not if you're driving — hands on the wheel at ten and two. Just kidding, of course you're not driving while using your phone to read, because you are one of the best drivers in America. 

The 2019 America's Best Drivers Report from Allstate is out, after examining the 200 largest cities in the country and their respective collision claims from Allstate. The results will please you.


Of those 200 cities, Fort Collins drivers rank seventh in the whole country when it comes to safety. That's up two from 2018, when we ranked ninth, PR Newswire reported. Maybe it's because we have to share the road with cyclists, or maybe it's because we're so laid back — what is road rage even?

A few other Colorado cities were named, too; you can read more from The Denver Channel. Remember to use that turn signal, and carry on, Fort Collins.

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