In a move that is considered a win for freedom of expression, Fort Collins has decided to not challenge an ordinance that bans women from appearing topless in public. In other words, going topless in Fort Collins is no longer illegal.

According to NBC News, a February case in front of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals was upheld that stated the law was unconstitutional based on discrimination. More than $300,000 has already been spent on the case and just this month Fort Collins representatives decided not to waste more money. They have formerly removed the law from public nudity statutes.

Just because it's legal doesn't mean it's ok in every situation. There is no reason for anyone to be walking around a school zone naked, just because you can. So by all means, express yourselves. But let's keep in classy NoCo.

The case could go in front of the US Supreme Court later this year, but there's a chance they will not accept it and send it back to a lower court.

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