So, before you read this, go get a box of tissues. Got 'em handy? OK, good. We'll continue. Larimer Humane Society's Facebook got us feelin' all the feels this morning.

Larimer Humane Society Facebook
Larimer Humane Society Facebook

I can't even think about what a wreck I would be if this happened to me. Larimer Humane shared this story about a family visiting Loveland for the holidays who lost their dog, Dilly. Her family searched as hard as they could to find their Sheltie Australian Shepherd mix, but had to return home to the Western Slope without her.

Seriously reach for the first tissue, it's OK. I was already teary at this point because oh, my God, can you imagine?

With the help of Larimer Humane staff and spreading the word, Dilly was found about three weeks later, but she had been hit by a car, and was lying down inside of a drainage ditch.

Which tissue are you on, two? Three? It's alright, me too. Four. 

Loveland Fire Protection was able to rescue her, and reunite her with her family. The photos below were taken by a member of Larimer Humane's Animal Protection & Control.

In a Facebook post, Larimer Humane Society credits Loveland Fire Protection, the Animal Protection & Control team as well as the kindness of the residents of Loveland for saving Dilly, and bringing her back to her family.

She has gotten the medical attention that she needed and passing on the mascara this morning would have been a good decision for me.

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