Filter are ready to shake things up as they approach a new album. In a new interview with All Access Live (seen above), frontman Richard Patrick says he's excited for the upcoming release, which is "a really, really different, original-sounding thing."

Offering an update on the band's next release, Patrick stated, "I wanted to release something maybe towards the end of this summer. I'm hoping that could be the case. But, you know, I'm developing a completely new sound for the band -- 'new industrial.'"

He went on to add, "I hate genres, and I guess creating a new genre is kind of where I'm at. Filter's always been so hard to place, and for people, [there are some that are] like, 'I like the rock and [others are like], 'I like the mellow stuff.' And so this is a complete … There are several songs that sound straight-up industrial, like old Filter, and I have to stay true to that sound as well, but it's so important to venture forward and recognize that we're in 2015."

The vocalist singles out new guitarist Oumi Kapila, who has been working with him in his attempt to design the new sound. "[It's] a lot of new things that you haven't really heard Filter do, and I don't think anyone's really done it," says Patrick. "So it's a really, really different, original sounding thing, and I really love it."

Stay tuned for more on Filter forthcoming release as details become available.

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