Looks like there's more length to that Short Bus. Though Richard Patrick has remained as the principal figure throughout Filter's entire run, his original musical partner Brian Liesegang has returned to the band and the pair are reportedly finding inspiration in the band's initial release.

Richard Patrick let the cat out of the bag, posting a photo of himself with Liesegang, stating, "Brian and I are making the official follow up to Short Bus (maybe), called Re-Bus." Interestingly enough, Patrick also offered a number of hashtags and links with the post, including Pledge Music, Lil' Pump, U2, Patrick's former band Nine Inch Nails and more among the references.

Liesegang then followed Patrick's posting with one of his own via Filter's official Instagram account. This one also featured the same promo photo of the pair, but offered a little more insight about what's to come.

"We are gearing up for official reboot of initial Filter. Working right at this instant together on lyrics. We have fun afternoons and focusing the loud and the pretty noise maelstrom," stated Liesegang. "Gonna be a full length, and its hard or maybe not right to call it a sequel, as it's not so much that in that it is just a return to a certain approach and philosophy. Whatever. Not gonna overthink it, just do it. We'll figure that all out later... In the middle of it now."

Filter formed in 1993 as Patrick was exiting Nine Inch Nails. Partnering with Liesegang, the duo released Short Bus in 1995, yielding the breakout single "Hey Man Nice Shot." The songs "Dose" and "Under" also earned some spins, but "Hey Man Nice Shot" quickly became the group's signature tune. Liesegang exited the band in 1997 over creative differences, while Patrick continued to record under the Filter name, following Short Bus with 1999's Title of Record.

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