This week, "Tuned In to NoCo" got the down-low from The Horsetooth International Film Festival (HIFF) on how Colorado is set to be the next big filmmaking hub in the United States.

Only coming in second to California, HIFF Co-Founder, Jesse Nyander, says that Colorado is the fastest growing film state in the USA.

"We are growing at the speed that Georgia did, that Washington did. The only reason we are number two right now is because of California but that's California for you.  Right now, the scene in this state is growing to the point that in the next 10 years we are going to be a Georgia, we are going to be a California. Right now, we are also exporting hundreds and hundreds of filmmakers every year out of our state to work in productions around the world"

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Nyander says that it takes about 300 people to make the average Hollywood movie and their goal is to keep these jobs here in Colorado.

"If we continue to support film, it's going to grow beyond what it is right now and we are going to become a hub that actually allows people to stay here or move here for a career in film."

Nyander says if you want to support filmmaking in Colorado, contact your legislator or just show up at the festival and support the local and international filmmakers.

"Come out and socialize with our filmmakers and be part of the whole growing community. One of the biggest things is showing up as a patron of the audience for these films that some people are risking their lives for overseas to create. Many times these international films are about subjects that the filmmakers may not even be allowed to speak about in their own countries."

Though it is labeled a film festival, HIFF Creative Director, John Hunt, says this festival is for everyone involved in the filmmaking process and that includes a lot more than people think.

"It's dancers, it's make-up artists, it's writers, it's people who have nothing to do sometimes with the actual filming process who make up the term filmmaker."

HIFF will be happening September 8-11 at The Museum of Discovery, The Rialto Theater, The Lyric Cinema Cafe and another location that is currently in the works. 

For more information about HIFF, how to volunteer, submit a film or how to become an intern click here.

To listen to the full interview, check out the link below.

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