This is wonderful news whether you're a sports fan or not, because it means that we are THAT much closer to putting this pandemic behind us.

However, if you're a sports nut like me, this is unbelievably awesome news because even though you and I both know the Rockies aren't going to be selling out Coors Field very often, the fact that the whole stadium is open is great in itself, especially with the MLB All Star Game coming up next month.

According to KDVR, The Rockies are preparing for what the team is calling “Opening Day 2.0” at Coors Field, where they will bring in fans at 100% capacity.

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This will officially take effect starting with the June 28 game against the Pittsburgh Pirates which has been moved to a 3:10 first pitch when "Opening Day 2.0" will officially commence.

Coors Field holds about 50,000 people, and while the Rockies probably won't be selling games out too much, the first 15,000 people in the stadium on the 28th will receive a commemorative t-shirt. FREE STUFF...YAY.

The MLB All Star Game and all of its festivities (which will definitely sell out) is slated to take place on Tuesday July 13.

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